Read More Books In Less Time

Benefits of Reading

Why read more books in less time?

But first, why reading?

Below are some benefits of reading.

  • Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,
  • Reading inspires you and challenges your imagination,
  • It increases your cultural knowledge and skill in an area of interest,
  • It strengthens worldview and convictions,
  • Reading makes you a better writer.

Leaders Are Readers

Important businessmen and women make reading a daily part of their lives.

Warren Buffet reads a minimum of 500 pages a day.

Bill Gates reads 50 books every year.

Most CEOs read a book a week.

How To Read 52 Books Per Year?

It’s simple to achieve this goal and join the “leaders club”.

Let’s do some maths:

  • Average number of words per book: 64,000 words,
  • The average person reads 200 words per minute (Without any techniques of speed reading),
  • Minutes to read the entire book: 320 minutes. It’s just 46 minutes per day.

That’s it!

Read More Books In Less Times

“So many books, so little time.”  ― Frank Zappa

You can do more than ‘read 52 books per year’.

You can read more books in less time.

Get the key insights of a book in just 10 minutes.

getAbstract finds and summarizes the best nonfiction content into compelling 10-minute reads.

The summary format has been tried and tested by millions of users worldwide.

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Whatever your interests are, you’ll always find something in the library for you.

Each of the summaries is formatted using getAbstract’s proven template to maximize knowledge retention.

Every summary includes a

  • Rating,
  • Top takeaways,
  • A full summary,
  • Significant quotes,
  • An author biography and other key points

All of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.

The best way to see what a summary looks like is to read one. Give getAbstract a try.


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Read more books in less time.

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