Fixed vs Growth Mindset (Prerequisite For Success)

What is Mindset?

Before comparing fixed and growth mindset, we need first to understand what is a mindset.

A mindset is a set of beliefs and thoughts which influence the way you handle any given situation. It pretty much dictates your personality helping you sort out what’s going on around you and what you should do about it.

There are different types of mindsets that can either help you unleash your best or contain your potential.

  • Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset
  • Productive Mindset vs Defensive Mindset
  • Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Why is Mindset Important?

Every mindset can work in a dual manner.
This means that just as mindsets can help you spot opportunities, they can equally well trap you in self-defeating cycles as well. The stories that you tell yourself and the things that you believe about yourself can go either way.

Having the right mindset for any particular task is almost a prerequisite for success.

How Mindsets Are Formed?

For the majority of people, their mindset is created for them at an early age.

As you grow and mature, life experiences and events may contradict that earlier knowledge and somewhat change your mindset.

Your mindset continues developing and becomes stronger the more you repeat and practice your beliefs.

Both helpful and bad habits get created the same way- through repetition. But the habit can be embedded more quickly and strongly when combined with emotion.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

People with a fixed mindset accept their traits as givens.

They believe there is a certain amount of intelligence and talent and there is nothing that can change this fact.

So people with this

mindset are often concerned about their traits and how adequate they are.

The growth mindset, on the other hand often exhibits resilience and perseverance in the face of errors.

Instead of adopting a defensive approach, they become motivated to better their performance.

The Dangers of a Fixed Mindset

Here is how a fixed mindset looks at things:

  • Skills: The fixed mindset believes this is something you’re born with which can’t be changed.
  • Challenges: The fixed mindset regards this a something to avoid at all costs. There is the constant threat that a challenge could expose your lack of skill and you tend to give up easily when in such a position.
  • Effort: This is considered unnecessary by the fixed mind. It’s something that people resort to when they aren’t good enough for the job.
  • Feedback: Feedback makes the fixed mindset get on the defensive. When given feedback, people with this mindset take it personally and consider it an exclusive attack on their performance or skills. If it isn’t to their liking they may even ignore the feedback completely.
  • Setbacks: When faced with setbacks, people with a fixed mindset will put the blame on others. They also get discouraged easily and are more likely to quit completely.

The Power of a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset sees the following situations as:

  • Skills: The growth mindset believes that skills are something that you can constantly change, improve and develop. Skills come from hard work so you can’t stop working.
  • Challenges: The growth mindset is eager to embrace challenges and views them as an opportunity to grow. The chance to engage in a challenge makes the growth mind more persistent.
  • Effort: Effort is essential for a growth mindset and may even override talent. When the growth mindset sees the effort as the path to success, it realizes the necessity for lifelong learning.
  • Feedback: The growth mindset views feedback as something constructive and an experience to learn from. It is an effective means to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Setbacks: Instead of putting a damper on things, setbacks are seen as ways to improve on current talents and efforts.

Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset

When you let results such as your test scores, your weight, your job or your appearance define you, you become the victim of a fixed mindset.

On the contrary, a growth mindset is all about learning and you can speed up the process by following some true and tried strategies.

  • Continual learning
  • Be committed
  • Develop healthy self-esteem
  • Work on your perspective
  • Set effective goals
  • Manage your inner negative voice
  • Facing adversity
  • Be open to feedback

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