Create Your Own Digital Information Product

What Is A Digital Information Product?

A digital information product is a product that ticks both these boxes:

  • Digital product
  • Information product

A digital product is essentially any product that you don’t hold in your hands and that can be saved on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

An information product meanwhile is a product that revolves around providing information.

For example, a digital informational product can be:

  • eBook,
  • Video series,
  • Online course,
  • Short report.

Why Selling Digital Information Products?

Creating and selling a digital product is one of the most popular and most effective business models.

It offers incredible ROI and is highly versatile.

When you create and sell a digital product, you are providing value in the form of the information contained therein.

This is what allows you to charge money for your product and it’s what makes it desirable for your audience.

There may be some initial investment involved in the creation of your product as you’ll need to outsource the process or pay someone to create it for you.

After that, you’ll then be able to sell as many copies as you like without it costing you a single thing.

There’s no cost associated with storage, there’s no delivery and there are no materials.

What’s more, is that it’s incredibly versatile and simple to create and sell.

You don’t need to get in touch with a manufacturing contractor, or find seed money, or learn to code.

This works because the products being sold have a very strong ‘value proposition’.

The products solve a clear and simple problem and promise to make the buyers’ lives better in a measurable way.

Get Inspired

To get inspired, you can visit the websites below.

It’s not necessary to buy any of these products.

But we recommend buying a least one digital information product. The goal is to study a real product that already sold well.

How To Make Money From Digital Information Products?

So how do you turn this into a money-making business model?

There are many ways to monetize your digital information product.

You can sell it yourself and keep all the profit for you. It’s not necessarily the best option.

Or, you can use well known and established platforms and take a cut of the profit.

  • Blog. Create your own blog, drive traffic and build trust with your audience by adding a valuable content,
  • Social media. Use the power of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to promote your product,
  • Amazon Kindle. An easy and powerful platform where to publish and sell your ebooks,
  • Clickbank. A well established and known marketplace to sell digital products,
  • Online course platforms. Create and sell your courses on sites like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific
  • Email. A Powerful and easy method if you have a list potentially interested in your product.

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