Affiliate Marketing: Selling Without Owning A Product

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple: You are selling a product or service for others.

Yes, you are doing the marketing campaign for other vendors products to be sold to the public.

And since it’s not your product you don’t need to provide any kind of support.

In other words, affiliate marketing gives you the avenue to earn commissions by promoting other peoples or companies’ products.

You can start by choosing a product you like, promote it in the most efficient way you can and make a sizable profit for your efforts.

It’s as easy as pie right?

To make a profit from affiliate marketing, you should have a sense of creativity and a good work ethic.

Win-Win Situation

Why are creators willing to give away such a large share of their profit?

The answer is simply that they want to attract more marketers.

Consider that they don’t lose anything by giving away profit share.

They are still making just as much money from their own direct sales and so anything sold by you or another affiliate is all going to be money on top.

The more marketers they get promoting their work, the more money they can make!

And the more commission they offer to you, the more people will take on their product and start promoting it.

Through affiliate marketing, you are able to accomplish three things for three different people.

  • First, you are making yourself feel good for earning a commission,
  • Second, you’re helping a company or other people to gain new customers that they don’t already have,
  • Finally, you are making a new satisfying experience to your customers for discovering a product from you that can really be helpful and desirable.

Finding The Product To Sell

To begin with affiliate marketing, you need to find the product that you want to sell.

When you choose your product, remember that you aren’t just choosing your product. You’re choosing your market, your marketing strategy, and your audience!

The first step is to be clear about your niche.

You need to look for what is known as the “route to market”. This essentially means the route you’re going to take to present your product to the largest number of people who may be interested in it.

Once this is done, there are 2 free options to find the product to sell:

  • Join an affiliate network, and then join an affiliate program. An affiliate network serves to work as the middleman between affiliates and the business affiliate programs.
  • Directly join an affiliate program.

You can join different affiliate networks and different affiliate programs.

Example of affiliate networks: ClickBank (Digital products), CJ (Oldest and most respected network).

Example of affiliate programs: Udemy (Online courses), EmailOctopus (Email marketing), Amazon (All Amazon products).

Promoting Your Products

Once you have your products, your job then is to simply promote the affiliate link.

There are many ways to promote your products, free and paid.

As long as you’re paying less for the advertising than you’re earning from the sales, then paid promotion can be an effective method.

Using free methods:

  • Blog. Create your own niche blog and share the links and banners that come with your product,
  • Youtube. Create videos to review the product for example,
  • Social media. Use the power of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to promote your product,
  • Email. A Powerful and easy method if you have a list potentially interested in your product.

Using paid methods:

  • Set up an advertising campaign using Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc,
  • Instagram. Find influencers related to your niche and pay shoutouts.

Starting small and building up is often the best strategy.


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