5 Steps To Get Free Traffic From LinkedIn

Get Free Traffic From LinkedIn

Yes! It’s possible to get free traffic from LinkedIn.

Unlike other social platforms, people don’t use LinkedIn for entertainment purposes.

Individuals on LinkedIn never post selfies accompanied by all sorts of hashtags.

People interact in LinkedIn in a professional setting and for business purposes only.

LinkedIn members have clear-cut objectives.

They use the platform to gain knowledge about their industry, get better career opportunities, build their brand and drive traffic to their websites and blogs.

It allows an individual to connect with many like-minded professionals that will enable them to work with result-oriented people, grow their network and be amongst other professionals.

Here are 5 free methods you can use to get free traffic from LinkedIn to your website.

1. Create Your Profile

Your profile is your business card. Without your profile, it’s impossible to get free traffic from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a to-do list that will show you what is remaining and what is already done.

The first step is to create your personal profile.

  • Add your photo, work experience, industry, and education,
  • Write a headline that describes your role or shares details about your specialty and achievements,
  • Include your website’s URL.

Next step is to create your company page.

  • Add a description, image, and even a logo,
  • Include your website’s URL.

2. Build Connections

After completing your profile, it’s time to connect with all the people you know on LinkedIn.

  • Office colleagues,
  • Schoolmates,
  • People you have met at events,
  • Your customers and email contacts.

Invite potential clients to connect with you. Add a personal note as a reminder of how you met, or to reinforce the value your business provides.

The more connections you have, the more people will see your LinkedIn status updates.

You will get free traffic from LinkedIn accordingly to the number and quality of your connections.

3. Profit From Groups

One of the key features of LinkedIn is groups. You can join targeted groups, or create your own ones.

It’s easy and simple to create a group. The hard work is managing and moderating the group.

To join a group, use the search feature and assess which ones would be of value for your business.

Join groups that have high engagement rate, and fit your niche.

Before sharing your blog spots, it’s more clever to spend initial days liking and sharing other people’s posts.

Participating in LinkedIn Groups by adding value to the discussion is a great way to expand your circle of influence.

You will get free traffic from LinkedIn accordingly to the quality of your engagement in your groups.

4. Follow LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn has a powerful and very useful feature: ‘LinkedIn Influencers’.

It gives you an opportunity to find, follow and learn from top influencers in your industry.

  • Discuss and comment on their content,
  • Share their posts in your feed,
  • Link back to their original post,
  • Give them a shout out.

By association with these influencers, you will build your reputation and develop trust within your networks as an industry leader to your followers.

5. Be Active

The more visible you are, the more chance you have to drive traffic to your website.

To gain visibility, you need to be active and post frequently on the platform, and post status updates a few times a week, without spamming your network.

  • Post links to other articles (industry news, well-known industry leaders),
  • Post article links to your blog,
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines and images, that intrigue your target market to read more,
  • Write high-quality articles,
  • Use LinkedIn email to communicate directly your connections.

It’s very helpful to create a calendar reminder to stick to a schedule. Use your analytics to determine how many articles to post per week or per day.

Remember, don’t overuse or spam your network. You risk losing trust and reputation.

You will get free traffic from LinkedIn accordingly to the number and quality of your posts and engagement.


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Productive Time

Hanging out online is essential for your business, but if it’s not productive time, then it is simply time lost.

Lost time does not assist bring in new sales?

This is why you require having everyday goals for each of your social network activity like.

Before you start your day, understand just how much time you wish to allocate to social networks and each individual network.

Stick to that time limit so that you can be sure you are getting the most important tasks performed in your time frame and don’t allow yourself to obtain sucked into the rabbit hole that is the Web.

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